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I'm Sherian Boyd-Patterson, Owner and Creator of Baby Bunny Boutique!

I like being practical and that means finding things that are nice but purposeful. Stylish convenience is what first came to mind when I decided to open this boutique a few years ago. I worked a very demanding job at the time and could never find a moment to actually open the store and then came COVID! As a result, I made a career change and decided to follow my dream.

My inspiration was my daughter, Asha, who was a tiny baby and the selection of clothing for her was always so limited. My initial thought was to specialize in preemie clothing but soon found myself wanting to offer accessories that all babies could use and clothing of various sizes. Thus, Baby Bunny Boutique was born. With 30 years of hospitality under my belt, I figured I could put those sales, marketing, and customer service skills to good use in my own business! 

My hope is that you find something here you didn't know you needed. Something practical and purposeful for either yourself or someone else. My goal is to offer baby items that are unique with great quality, eco-friendly and yet affordable to all the Moms, Dads, and wonderful gift-givers. We love gift-givers!

May of 2007, Asha spent the first two weeks of her tiny life in the NICU at Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C. Therefore, a portion of all purchases will be donated to the hospital because I truly believe it is important to give back. 

Head over to IG and follow us at #babybunnyclothingco and on Facebook at Baby Bunny Boutique.

We are small but mighty and we look forward to serving you! 

Come along and watch us grow,



 Asha 2019: My inspiration, my heart-not so tiny anymore :)

Asha Elise: 2007